Saturday, November 29, 2008

well it is confirmed no court in 2008

this is Austyn Riley , he was born the day our adoption journey began
he is my cousin's baby boy. we borrow him to take up time for now. lol

well i heard from barbara today. she just wanted to make sure we understood about our boys. we are going into everything eyes wide open. those two little boys complete our family. when we knew having children could be dangerous and we found markus it was a great blessing, but then we met aleksander and it felt like he needed to be with us to complete us as a family. now we wait til 2009 to get here so we get a date to go make them legally ours forever. i want to thank Melonie for going and getting us the pics. also thank all of the people whom we have met online that have been a support system in during this process .


melonie thompson said...

You both know where your heart is. They are your children, Im so glad they will be loved. You will make the positive difference in the life they will have. And God will Bless you for it.
Your heart is where it should be,
All our love to your family!!!!
The thompson Gang

Shea said...

I'm sorry it won't be in December. Maybe the weather will be better when you get to go and you can take the boys to the park to play. ~Hugs~

Alice said...

Sorry you won't have a date this year. I sure hope it comes right after the holidays!

markus&alek4everfamily said...

hey maybe we will be over around the same time next year .