Wednesday, July 30, 2008

another day of waiting

well we visit the chiropractor today and took pictures and video of young Markus. he seems to think part of the reason Markus doesn't chew is because his jaws might be out and if that is the case we should have him chewing in no time once we get him home. He also said that he will set us up an appointment on a day he is usually out of the office so we will be the only people there and not scare Markus to bad. so now we continue to wait. i guess having a chiropractor in the family is a good thing :)
oh i forgot to mention that steve was waking me up this morning because he couldnt sleep. he was thinking about markus and was missing him. and wanted to know how i could sleep with markus over in estonia .

Thursday, July 24, 2008


we arrived in talllin late ,and jelena from the romoeo aparts ,took us to city centre where our apartment was. she told us be out front @ 9 .for a big black bus. a bit puzzled we decided that we better just do it. there was no alarm clock so we slept in shifts as to make sure we were up in time.we met igor at 9 and he took us to the orphanage. it was only about 5 or so minutes from our apartment.we met the director and she lead us to markus where he was just sitting on the couch. we had asked igor if he could ask that we bring markus back over night to the apartment. the director agreed . and we changed markus and was ready to go. we took several sizes of clothes. the smallest 24months were even extremely big.we had a great visit and he was a doll. he slept all night then we were up and took him back at 11. we got to spend about an hour with him then a meeting with someone over the international adoptions there in estonia. she was very nice and spoke very good english. our next trip to get our son should be no later then early october.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

preview trip soon

we leave london tomorrow evening and land in estonia night at 00:25. a worker from romeo shall be picking us up at the airport. we have bought coloring books and crayons, toys and chocolates for the orphanage, as well as some gum for the older children. we are taking some stuff for Markus ,if they allow us to take him over night. we will be visiting him monday and tuesday unitl we fly back to london . hopefully soon i shall have loads of pictures of him to post.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

in england

well we are in england after a big mix up on tickets and virgin air being totally stupid , but us airways sorted us out tickets. we just had to spend a bit more then we thought . we leave here on sunday to head to estonia to finally see markus , i hope all goes well then.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a little ray of sunshine.

well after getting our flights to london setup today we got the best phone call we could get today from Barbara, we get to go see Markus on july 21-22. Steve is really excited about this . i think the trip shows him there is still hope for our future even though his mother will never see markus now. ok now we are ready to go visit who will be our son sometime in the future. we will be out of the country for almost 2 weeks . long time to be away from home .

Sunday, July 6, 2008

sad news at our house today

well today started out as a good day but my sister inlaw called from england . my mother in law was killed today in a car crash. so now we are flying out to london on tuesday. so our plans for estonia will be on hold for a few weeks. unless by the grace of God we could see him whilst we are in england the flight would be alot cheaper then from the states. please pray for my husband ,steve, he is really taking this hard.