Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more markus

Markus has really gotten rotten this week.. when we tell him to get his fingers out of his mouth he throws his glasses off. and laughs at you... He has started babbling like a a baby would if they were just learning to make sounds...He said Da-da although he had said daddy already but just as if it was his first word we praised him....tonight he was saying mom-mom as if he has just figured out how to say it....He is such a precious gift from God. sometimes i wonder what did i do to deserve such a gem...i know in my heart i couldnt love him anymore if he had our blood running through his veins...

Monday, March 22, 2010


today we made a trip to the ENT and found out that markus nostril is healing great and there should be no other problems with it. it was nothing more then a lipoma , that was a big relief to hear. both boys did really well today on the trip since it takes around 3 hours one way. markus did however eat turkey , mashed potatoes and carrots.... did i mention he chewed a few times......yay markus you are momma's big boy...

a few things for us to get excited about :)

markus has started to improve he now not only picks up his sippy cup but he can do it one handed and put it back down again..also he has used the potty a couple times...he has discovered he has a tongue and loves to touch it...also he goes around babbling all the he is learning it is just going to take time....We had him a big birthday party on saturday and he loved it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

markus becoming more vocal with his wants

well in the last few days i've noticed markus has began to babble for things and not just look at you.. it is hard to believe that this week he will be turning 5... i've noticed that over last couple weeks , he one hip is starting to turn in some as he walks..he has lipomas all down the inside of his spine so we are not sure if this is something that we need to worry about or if it is just simply he is walking oddly....we head back to NWCH next week to see the ENT for check up on his nose. the surgery has helped with his breathing but since the surgery , he grabs his head alot when certain noises are being made.

Friday, March 12, 2010

a few changes ...

here is markus with steve


well i know i havent been blogging much but with the boys home now it takes up all my time...however i am going to start blogging again and doing a little less facebooking...with markus' condition of ACC(agenesis of the corpus callosum) i will be blogging to keep a journal on his accomplishments..I am learning slowly that everything he does is a giant achievement for him and although he is going to be turning 5 years old real soon. I as his mother am getting to see all his important milestones in life...i.e....walking ,crawling, sucking on a sippy,and even learning to chew.

from the begining of our adoption i have always known markus was meant to be ours..and i would never of changed anything about him ...God gave him to us and we love him just as he is ..I think once we had everything diagnosed( well up to this point) it actually affirmed the feelings that he was meant to be with us...... daily learning lessons arent just for my son......

i will be using our blog to now write about our family daily life living with a son with ACC ..and the achievemnts of both our sons.