Monday, March 15, 2010

markus becoming more vocal with his wants

well in the last few days i've noticed markus has began to babble for things and not just look at you.. it is hard to believe that this week he will be turning 5... i've noticed that over last couple weeks , he one hip is starting to turn in some as he walks..he has lipomas all down the inside of his spine so we are not sure if this is something that we need to worry about or if it is just simply he is walking oddly....we head back to NWCH next week to see the ENT for check up on his nose. the surgery has helped with his breathing but since the surgery , he grabs his head alot when certain noises are being made.

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Alice said...

Hurray for Markus! I love hearing about his progress. I will pray about his hip. He doesn't need any more difficulties to deal with!