Monday, August 15, 2011

Markus has become a school boy.....

well markus is in his second week of school. his teacher thinks he is a bright child .. he has begun to recognize colors and body parts.. still no idea of why he wont talk but praying someday he will decide to talk to us..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Genetics appointment

well today Aleks had his appointment with the UK genetics clinic ..they told us he has grown a bit and looks like he is doing really well.. Markus was with us and they ask if they could look at him.We didn't mind so they looked over young Markus. the doctor showed us a spot on his chest where you can actually watch his heart pump. they called it a defect but nothing that would require medical attention. they want to see if the other doctor did a chromosome test to see if there might be some answer to him there. that kinda of stuff puzzle me so if they can learn something from it then that fine with us...
tomorrow is our Second gotcha day ....two years ago we were in estonia waiting to get our sons on the 11th ...they have both changed some much ..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

YAY!!! markus has grown

well we had more doctor appointments this week. Genetics and endocrinology both went well.the gentetic doctor told me well he has Fetal alcohol syndrome.....i felt like saying Duh!!! i knew that since i saw his picture a year before he came home ....also he has a midline disorder another Duh!!!what does he think ACC is?????but the good thing is no more appointments to that doctor.
the endocrinologist was much smarter with my boy..Markus has grown 7cm since his last visit a year ago and put on almost 3 although he isnt growing alot he is growing , so for the time being no worry about growth hormones...we talked about the fact he doesnt chew yet, he isnt potty trained and he isnt communicating much...she said if you was in an orphanage with no loving bond to a mother or father . you would be behind as well.. she can see a huge improvement in him and says whatever we are doing it is helping so keep it up...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

kinda good news....

well the doctor said the MRI showed there is no change in the lipomas in the spine. so this is a good thing, but he is concerned that Markus is still in diapers. he said he could go into the spine and that the lipomas out at the base of the spine and see if it will help with nerves and potty training. but i got lots of problems with the thought of another surgery on my baby. first off if he is only at about 8 months to 18 months on developmental stages then would potty training fall into a stage somewhere which might explain the delay. second there it allot of people who have C-ACC who never learn to use the toilet. might that be why we struggle with this issue. i understand he is almost 6 and still in diapers but lets face it i am the one changing him so whats the problem .

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tubes seem to be helping .......well maybe ...

well last Wednesday Markus got tubes in both ears..they hope it will help keep ear infections down and also help with his speech but to soon to tell..tomorrow we go back for a MRI and visit with the neurosurgeon. praying there is no change in the spine and they will just tell us they will keep an eye on it. on the speech front Markus has begun to say mama alot more. he also babbles constantly.Steve actually got him to copy him counting to 3...very cute might i add.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Markus never fails to make my day

well my poor baby boy has been sick since the new year began. he has been cooped up at home for 10 days not even getting to go to his therapies. but today we finally got him out and he was so rotten at therapy... he was listening to what they had ask him to do then he would turn his head and ignore them totally and laugh at them...he has decided to that standing and yelling for mom- mom is something he enjoys doing today as well... he also told me to "go away".. i was trying to bandage his poor little hands so they will finally get better.