Friday, April 16, 2010

recovering from surgery

well yesterday markus underwent surgery .. it ended up taking a bit longer then thought .. the doctor had to remove scare tissue and fix the previous surgeon's attempt to bring down the testicle .. (the first surgery was pre- adoption) .. our journey home was a long trip..our poor baby couldn't stop throwing up...i believe it was the pain medicine.. no more tylenol 3 for my boy..we are managing the pain with regular tylenol and he has managed to eat applesauce and some we are on the road to recovery...

we did however now get a name for the lipomas throughout his nervous system.. PAI syndrome....he has a cleft palate , the massive lipoma from his nostril and the lipomas in the spine...although he doesnt have the lipoma in the corpus callosum ...he has agenesis of the corpus callosum...he also has a lipoma about the size of a quarter in his brain.. all these things make our son very special ..