Friday, October 31, 2008

here is my latest picture of Markus ,
this is my most recent picture of Aleksander

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

getting a little impatient

well seems that waiting is not helping me learn patience . i wish we would get a courtdate sometime. my husband spoke to barbara today , she was going to have diane to check on what is going on with our courtdate. we really want to go bring home our little boys. my husband really wants to go over and spend sometime with his boys. i tried to tell him we need to wait but he really misses Markus and wants to get to spend some time with Aleksander. i finally got time to get around to our thank you cards after our toddler shower.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Application is apostilled

well my brother and i went to frankfort today. it gave us a chance to talk and him a chance to get out of the house. he had a quad -by- pass 8 weeks ago and seems to be doing pretty good. i scanned the applications and emailed them to barbara at ahi. then got them ready to post first thing in the morning. hopefully it wont take to long for them to make it to estonia. well we are back to waiting now for our actual courtdate.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back from my fall trip

well it was a good trip we saw the mckameys perform about 6 times. it is truly amazing how the songs they sung touched my heart. i know i needed to hear some of the words from the song to remind me that "What would i do without Jesus?" i took my 8 month old cousin with me and he was a blast to watch. i can only imagine what our trips will be like once we have two more little boys to take along. at one point Arly ( the girl we are raising) said oh my how will we survive with 2 of them next time., my mom laughed and said why only two once the boys get here doesnt mean that austyn doesnt get to come anymore so there will be 3 little boys. seeing his little eyes lite up was great , when he heard the train whistle he laughed , made me wish i had the boys home already to share this adventure with austyn.well i continue to wait and pray we hear something soon. even if it is just another family gets a date that means there is progress somewhere. and that one more child has found his/her way home. well is God not great? right after i posted my blog update an email came in with our court application attached to it. swo im making a journey to the capital city tomorrow to get our last apostille completed. i filled out the boys official new names to go on their birth certificates . James Markus Hill and Dallas Aleksander Hill . I big thank you to God for answering this prayer.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

time to get a break

well i been off work all this week due to the school being on fall break. would of been a great time to get our court papers we need to get filled out and apostilled . but it didnt happen. so im going to go on a small vacation just over the weekend to dollywood. it is the southern gospel festival and im going to take my mom to hear her favorite group. we really were hoping our next trip down we would of had the boys. but it didnt happen.we continue to wait on bringing home our little sons. and hope that we get them home before alex turns 3 in november.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


ok is estonian courts doing anything? i mean we want to give these little children homes they need and deserve but nothing seems to be getting done for it to happen.i guess my patience is running thin , i really wish we could hear a little good news from over there. my husband is ready to go visit the boys even if we cant bring them home yet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

little bit of change

well we wont get to do a yard sale this weekend. my best friend did a popcorn sale for us at her work and i need to deliver popcorn on saturday. but we are planning the yard sale the following weekend. there is still no word about when we might go to court or even get our court papers to send back with name changes and info. but we continue to pray and ask God to lead and guide us through this process. everyone ask everyday is there any word yet on bringing the boys home. we continue to wait it out and be positive it will happen soon .