Tuesday, October 7, 2008


ok is estonian courts doing anything? i mean we want to give these little children homes they need and deserve but nothing seems to be getting done for it to happen.i guess my patience is running thin , i really wish we could hear a little good news from over there. my husband is ready to go visit the boys even if we cant bring them home yet.


Alice said...

It must be so hard to wait for that final step! Are you really thinking about another visit? That would be wonderful. Maybe you could go when we go for our preview and we could meet up.:) Wouldn't that be fun!

markus&alex4everfamily said...

hey alice . it is good news to hear you all are planning your preview trip. my husnand really wants to go see the boys if we dont hear something from anyone soon. it is hard to image that 2 little boys could become a part of our family and hearts and we havent even brought them home yet.