Thursday, October 9, 2008

time to get a break

well i been off work all this week due to the school being on fall break. would of been a great time to get our court papers we need to get filled out and apostilled . but it didnt happen. so im going to go on a small vacation just over the weekend to dollywood. it is the southern gospel festival and im going to take my mom to hear her favorite group. we really were hoping our next trip down we would of had the boys. but it didnt happen.we continue to wait on bringing home our little sons. and hope that we get them home before alex turns 3 in november.


Alice said...

I hope you had a good weekend! I so hope you don't have to miss Alex's birthday!! That was hard. Whenever I started thinking about Andres' birthday, I would make myself focus on next year.

markus&alex4everfamily said...

alice - we are praying we get him home but if not i told my family he will have the biggest and best birthday next year he has ever had. i just try to stay positive about getting them home. i guess God knows i need to work on my patience level . so he is testing me. any new news on Andres?