Monday, November 3, 2014

Update pics

James Markus 
Dallas Aleksander 
They have both grown so much and have brought so much love and happiness to our lives ..

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Been a long time..

Well we have started our 2014-2015 school year.. So far we been using preschool prep to get both our young sons to recognize letters , numbers , shapes and colors.. 
James Markus has been doing really well.. Dallas Aleksander has begun to have a fee nervous tics.. We go see a neurologist as soon as we get referred .. Makes for sitting still a bit more complicated for now.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring 2014

Well spring is here and my sons are doing great .. Here is some pics 
They are both growing so much 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Since our last post....

Where to begin...

Dallas Aleks went to kindergarten last year and had a terrible experience. His teacher I truly believed hated him because he was adopted. We struggled all with FSA issuses that the school didn't understand.. This school year we are homeschooling .. He has made great strides with education.. We have started a new book and he is beginning to read a little as well.. He got tubes in his ears and adenoids removed but other then that he is pretty healthy..

James Markus had went to first grade at public school had an awesome teacher and done well. But the school puts sports over education and let his amazing teacher go ... So this year he is home with mommy as well. Last April he finally had the cyst removed from his lower back went was greatly needed.. We battle Cdiff all summer after his hospital stay. We changed all his doctors except our great family doctor. So no more Columbus trips now we go to cincinnati . Every doctor we've met in cincinnati has been concerned with his size but thankfully we met a very nice genetics doctor who informed us that Markus has a rapid metabolism and not to worry about his size. 
In Feburary of last year (2013) we traveled to meet the family on daddy's (Steve's) side. We flew to England  with most of my family and celebrated Steve's 50 birthday in England with his family. The boys got to meet Steve's family in Scotland and as well as in England. We also went to Wales .. The last days of our trip we spent in London taking in sights.. Sue (Steve's sister) even joined us which was great for our boys since we don't see them much they got to spend some time with her and make memories . Here is some. Of my favorite pics from England.

The boys with Phil and Sue walking in Scotland..
Phil and Sue walking with markus in Scotland on the beach.. Love it ..

Steve and his nephew Mark with markus in black pool..
Aleks and his cousin Alex in Phil's bar..
Us with my mom at blackpool..
Wales ..
Markus and Mark on the pier in blackpool.
My brother and his family with Sue and our kids..
This post is getting long I will post more soon.. To catch up 2013... Gonna try to keep up better In 2014..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

school is ending and let the summer begin.....

well james markus has been out of school a week already and loves not getting up early...Dallas A will finish up school the 17th when he graduates from he is playing hookie he called my brother and uncle and told them it is a good day to play hookie and go being the good mommy i was all for it..he has reall taken an interest in niece jessie got him a rod and reel and now he is big stuff.,,,although he tells me he is letting the worms swim not fishing .. steve had his hip surgery and is doing diet is going well i am down 31 pounds in 28 days .. plus the 21 i was down from not drinking soda for a grand total of 52 pounds down im doing good...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Catching up.........

Well I know it has been along time since my last post so I thought it is time for an update on the boys and the family. To start markus is loving school. He is getting taller and gaining a little weight. He is 3'2" tall now and a huge 27 pounds..he just turned 7 last month .who would ever believe he is seven. Aleks has started upward soccer again this spring and did a great job this morning..he is attending a private Christian school this year and he is doing well on most things but still struggles at times with some things. As for our family we adopted Arly in December so she finally feels like she belongs to someone who loves her.she is a great big sister to the boys. Steve is having another hip replacement done this month and that will give him a few weeks off to spend lots of time with the boys. I am starting a new diet . It is time to make some serious life changes starting with myself and getting healthier for my family. If all goes well by this time next week I will be losing already. We gave up soda at the beginning of the year and that has been fairly easier then I thought it would for now that's a quick summary of us all .