Friday, June 27, 2008


well today i woke up early got the cover letter typed out for the I-797C. went and got it notorized , headed to the courthouse for the authenication of notary, then drove approx. 175 miles to the state capital. rushed back home got copies of the papers and sent them off to Barbara at AHI. twas a very good day we finally get to start planning the preview trip.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the waiting is over

Today as i opened the mailbox i said a small prayer. Finally the letter we been waiting on has arrived . we got the approval letter from the USCIS. now we wait to plan our preview trip . please continue to pray for us and Markus as we continue our journey towards bringing him home.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally a reply from uscis email

well i got up this morning to a email that told me that Jennifer Hendrix - Adjudications Officer out of louisville , will be making her decision this week if she wants to approve our I-600a. at first it kinda makes me wonder why should she get to determine if i can bring this precious little boy to our country and give him a loving home he deserves. but then i had a qucik prayer with God and ask that His will be done in Markus' life. if it means to be with us then we are really ready . i dont want to think what it will be like if he cant. so i ask for prayers and good thoughts this week for Jennifer Hendrix , that she might make a wise choice .

Thursday, June 19, 2008

got the Dr to correct the mishap

well it didnt take the dr long to write me a letter to the USCIS , about her mishap of the medical form of my neice. so hopefully we will get our approval next week sometime. keep us in your prayers and please keep Markus in your prayers this will all be a big change for such a little boy. but it will be worth all the heart ache, stress and waiting.

grrr more delays

well i got a call this morning from the homestudy agency telling me USCIS has found a problem with my neice's medical form , it appears the Doctor checked yes to usage of drug and alcohol. which apparently was a huge mistake . we have to get the doctor to write a letter stating why she checked yes to the questions. this is upsetting to me but at least the USCIS is looking at my file.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

USCIS process timeframe is up to our date

we are praying that we get our approval letter soon from the uscis. they are finally up to march 17. the date we visited and turned in our I-600A . this is the last thing we need before we get to make our preview trip and set up our court date in Estonia to bring home the beautiful little Markus .

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


today i spoke with our agency and found out that the fees have been lowered a bit. that is great , we are really anxious to finally know that we get to go see and meet with him and get a court date.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting? is this God's way of teaching me

Well i keep up to date on the USCIS page and how far along they are in louisville with the I-600A forms . they are up to Feb.16 -as of May15, so hopefully by the end of next month they will get to our application we filed on March 17th. once we get our approval letter we get to plan a trip of a life time. We get to go see the child God has made available for us. I didn't think it would be so stressful waiting on the USCIS to approve us but it has been an eye opening for me on just how patient i truly can be. :) We continue to ask for prayers, it is the most important part of our journey so far. Just knowing that God has made this little boy available for us to call our own is the greatest gift . It has been a challenge gathering the funds to afford the adoption but God does provide. We have saved with the help of our friends and family enough money to pay everything as it has needed to be paid so far. We should be able to travel by the end of July if the approval comes in . or maybe even sooner. Recently we have had a dissagreement on which way Markus name sounds best, either James Markus or Markus James. I choose James as his first name , since he does share the birthday of my uncle Jimmy. I told Steve that no matter what we will cal him Markus .
I pray that everything goes smooth for us. and that we get to bring him home before the end of the year.