Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting? is this God's way of teaching me

Well i keep up to date on the USCIS page and how far along they are in louisville with the I-600A forms . they are up to Feb.16 -as of May15, so hopefully by the end of next month they will get to our application we filed on March 17th. once we get our approval letter we get to plan a trip of a life time. We get to go see the child God has made available for us. I didn't think it would be so stressful waiting on the USCIS to approve us but it has been an eye opening for me on just how patient i truly can be. :) We continue to ask for prayers, it is the most important part of our journey so far. Just knowing that God has made this little boy available for us to call our own is the greatest gift . It has been a challenge gathering the funds to afford the adoption but God does provide. We have saved with the help of our friends and family enough money to pay everything as it has needed to be paid so far. We should be able to travel by the end of July if the approval comes in . or maybe even sooner. Recently we have had a dissagreement on which way Markus name sounds best, either James Markus or Markus James. I choose James as his first name , since he does share the birthday of my uncle Jimmy. I told Steve that no matter what we will cal him Markus .
I pray that everything goes smooth for us. and that we get to bring him home before the end of the year.


Alice said...

I hope your waiting ends soon. Will this be your preview trip? We are hoping to get to Estonia this fall. You'll be able to tell me all about it.

markus4everfamily said...

we are hopeing to go on our preview trip next month if we cazn get our approval letter from the uscis.