Thursday, July 24, 2008


we arrived in talllin late ,and jelena from the romoeo aparts ,took us to city centre where our apartment was. she told us be out front @ 9 .for a big black bus. a bit puzzled we decided that we better just do it. there was no alarm clock so we slept in shifts as to make sure we were up in time.we met igor at 9 and he took us to the orphanage. it was only about 5 or so minutes from our apartment.we met the director and she lead us to markus where he was just sitting on the couch. we had asked igor if he could ask that we bring markus back over night to the apartment. the director agreed . and we changed markus and was ready to go. we took several sizes of clothes. the smallest 24months were even extremely big.we had a great visit and he was a doll. he slept all night then we were up and took him back at 11. we got to spend about an hour with him then a meeting with someone over the international adoptions there in estonia. she was very nice and spoke very good english. our next trip to get our son should be no later then early october.


Amy said...

Oh, he is gorgeous and little.:) I am so happy that you finally got to meet your son. He is precious!

Charlotte said...

What a cutie he is !!!!

Share more pics when you can !

Charlotte and crew

Alice said...

He is so handsome! I'm glad you had such a great visit!