Wednesday, July 30, 2008

another day of waiting

well we visit the chiropractor today and took pictures and video of young Markus. he seems to think part of the reason Markus doesn't chew is because his jaws might be out and if that is the case we should have him chewing in no time once we get him home. He also said that he will set us up an appointment on a day he is usually out of the office so we will be the only people there and not scare Markus to bad. so now we continue to wait. i guess having a chiropractor in the family is a good thing :)
oh i forgot to mention that steve was waking me up this morning because he couldnt sleep. he was thinking about markus and was missing him. and wanted to know how i could sleep with markus over in estonia .

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Alice said...

Aww! It's hard to wait! It must be so much harder once you meet your little guy!

That is great you have such a helpful chiropracter.