Friday, November 7, 2008

november is passing

november has come and is going fast. and still we wait to bring home our precious little boys. im not even sure now when we will get them home. we sent our dossier out in may and now we still have no idea when the court will give us a date. we hope to bring them home before 2009 gets here, but if not we will go as soon as they allow us too.


Carla said...

I am praying you hear something soon, maybe even this week. You still have time since ours is the 27th of November.

Alice said...

Hang in there! I sure hope your wait is almost over. Although, I really hope we are there at the same time so we can get together.

markus&alek4everfamily said...

we continue to pray that we hear something soon. but if not then hopefully it is when you are there as well alice. any news on when you go visit on a preview trip ? or can you opt not to take a preview trip?