Monday, November 24, 2008

need to vent i guess

well i been reading on the yahoo group about FAS children and adoption. both my precious little boys have been said to have FAS . i know that it is alot of work ,that it can push you to the edge at times but it can also be a rewarding experience. i know everyone has to decide for them selves about adoption and noone can decide for you. i know FAS is something people could save their children from but in most cases they dont care. but just because the mother doesnt care enough to chose healthy life style while pregnant , does this mean that the child doesnt deserve a family or someone to truly love the child. my little ones arent home yet but i am preparing myself for the worst. we have been raising my cousin since she was 10. when we first got her we had no idea that she had FAS. plus her mother refuses to believe that her party lifestlye effected her daughter. Arly didnt know how to bath or brush her hair or any of your basic life things.she wet to bed everynight for years but after being strict on her intake we have controlled her bedwetting. it takes alot of work but it is worth it to see her be happy she accomplishes something normal children do. she believes everyone at face value and lies more then 100 teenagers. school kids use her if they can to pass notes or be a slave but we handled that and now she watches herself to not let them use her. we work on everything it wasnt easy we been working on this for 7 years and she has gotten alot better. she still struggles with school but we encourage her and as long as she does her best then we let it be. i dont know what doctors gave advice to the person on the group but i have never read anything about violence and sexual acting out. i will begin to read more and find out if it is something new. after reading all the emails about FAS it makes me aggrevated to think that people regret taking in children. all i can do is pray for those who have regrets. and i pray everyday that my little boys get the chance at life that my cousin has gotten with us.

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Anonymous said...

Please email me privatly, Im so sorry for the words shared on the group. People have selective hearing in the begining of adoption. and when it blows in there face, they want to lash out at the very people who helped them.
Im so sorry,
All my love,
Melonie & Aliana