Friday, November 28, 2008


Our Chistmas elf and Dallas Aleksander

here is our precious James Markus

Our Big 3 year old Dallas Aleksander

well this morning we got the second best gift we could get .(first would of been getting a courtdate to bring our young ones home) someone had compassion enough for us to go visit our baby boys and send us photos. (thanks from the bottom of hearts)


Shea said...

They are so cute! It makes me want to squeeze them!

Alice said...

How wonderful!! Did Melonie get these for you? What a special gift.

markus&alek4everfamily said...

yes alice , melonie actually made my day . it seems it will be feb. before we get to bring them home so she gave us the next best thing :)

melonie thompson said...

IM SO EXCITED,,,,, you got a court date.. I told you didnt I... God is sooooooooooooo good. We will have to mail you are care pkg. when we get home :)
Melonie & Aliana

melonie thompson said...

OKAY,,,, I made a mistake :( I thought you got a court date... you will soooon.... we will just ask God to make it happen.
hugs, melonie

my ver. word is blesse......