Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy birthday Aleksander

well my little boy turns 3 today , thousands of miles away from his family. although he isnt legally ours yet , we think of him as our son and cant wait to bring him home where he belongs.


Shea said...

I know exactly how you feel. O's b-day was just awful for me. A.J. had hers the very next day and she cried and cried because he was not there and they could not be together. I am so sorry you had to miss it. I hope that they can be home before Christmas.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday, Dallas Aleksander!!

I'm so sorry you have to miss it. I was sad for a week before Andres' birthday. If our adoption takes as long as everyone else's he will probably have another birthday before we get him home. Between that and the horrible talk on the yahoo group, I am totally depressed!

I sure wish we(Shea,too)could all get together for a good pity party.:)

markus&alek4everfamily said...

i am at the point of leaving the group i didnt know there was so much negative thoughts . when i first started this and asked about the estonia adoption , NO ONE would speak up then. but the FAS is a matter that is close to home here. and i know how far a child with FAS can truly go if they have the help they so greatly need and want.