Tuesday, November 18, 2008

well i tried to email and ask if there is any news yet but i know it wont do any good. i just wonder how many others are in front of us waiting to go bring their children home. i just wish i had a glimpse of how exactly this waiting thing works. does the time start when the dossier is sent in or when the court applications are turned in. hopefully it is from when our dossier was submitted . that was back in may . i really cant wait to bring home the boys. we have decided to do their room in Zootles. baby jungle animals it was meant to be we got everything on sale. we also heard rfom the workers again they say markus is improving alot with making sounds and playing with more toys. Aleksander is starting to talk more.


Collin and Amanda said...

I'm sorry this is taking so long ... we're praying for you!

Amamda (RR)

Carla said...

Our dossier went over in Feb. our court paper went over in June and our court date is Nov. 27th. It will be nine months from the time we started until we get to bring Kristina home, and the time frame is almost exactly the same as when we got Victoria back in 2004. I know you probably don't want to hear this but yours will probably be one of the first ones after court starts back after the Holidays.

Alice said...

I love the zoo print. So cute!!!