Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5 days and counting........

well we are getting everything together. i had all the paperwork ready for over in Tallinn. and last night after filing taxes i had to go back and redo all our I-864 forms.( oh what fun). we went shopping again for the orphanage. we decided since Christmas was just a few months ago that clothes was the way to go. we found out that the Crawford's will be visiting Andres while we are in Tallinn so hopefully we will meet up . as i sit here and thought about next week it dawned on me that this time next week it should be official that the boys are ours.


Alice said...

I sure hope we do meet up! We will be staying at the Suur Karja apartments. It looks pretty close on the map.

Charlotte said...

Wow ! How wonderful, to meet another family !

I am excited too, Mel is coming to town next week, she is going to stay at my house, and Shea and kids are coming too, so the three Arkansas families are finally getting together ! How exciting !

I hope you blog good in Estonia girl !

BTW ~ got I-171 today !!!


markus&alek4everfamily said...

hey alice the suur Karja apartment is one they offered us. we will definately have to meet up.

charlotte - we will have to have a big get together once we everyone has their children home. i am hopeing to get to see shea's oskar while we are there we are taking him a few things.(outfit in 3T to see how it fits)we are going to post lots of blogs hopefully. oh and congrats on getting your I171

Shea said...
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Alice said...

I hope your mom is feeling better!

Michelle, Mike, Michael & Brett said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your family! If you have any questions about Tallin or the process, please let me know.

Enjoy every moment with your boys,
(mom to Brett and Michael)