Friday, February 13, 2009

ok here goes ....

we went out walking today and we made the mistake of putting their snowsuits on them from the orphanage.apparently they thought we was ging to go back there. once we made it back to the apartment and took the suits off they were find when we go out anymore we wont wear those suits . dont want the boys freaking out .we have began feeding markus baby rice ceral about every 2 hours. he seems like he has lost weight since we saw him in july.aleks eats anything but we been feeding him oatmeal at night before he goes to bed . he needs the food. we go to the doctor on monday (steve and igor are dropping me off thats what i been informed) steve is going to get our translated papers, then we get the passports from what i understand. so on thursday we can go to the embassy.


Charlotte said...

Sounds like all is going well, keep up with the pics, the "twins" are darling !

Charlotte and crew
leaving in 16 days !

Alice said...

Poor babies! I'm sorry they didn't like being in their snowsuits. I do hope you get to take them out anyway. It must be nice to get some fresh air. I hope they will eat well for you and gain quickly.
How are they sleeping?
Oh, do we need to bring an adapter for our computer? Thanks.

Michelle, Mike, Michael & Brett said...

Hi Viola and Steve,
I am glad things are going well. Does the oatmeal help the boys sleep better at night? I know Brett ate a ton of food in Estonia-he seemed so hunger. Also, try Bananas with the boys- Brett ate about 3 lbs of them. How is the weather? When we were there in February 2007 it snowed everyday. I love your pictures - your boys are precious!!

Best Wishes,
(mom to Brett and Michael)

markus&alek4everfamily said...

we got night time oatmeal which is supposed to help them sleep better. they sleep pretty good just a time to get them to sleep.
the weather here is cold. it snowed thursday night.

alice we brought a electric adapter . but nothing special for the computer