Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the best day

today at 11:55 am estonia time. the judge made it official. james markus hill and dallas aleksander hill , are our sons .


Michelle, Mike, Michael & Brett said...

Congratulations on your boys!!! It is the best feeling when the judge says you are the new parents. The picture is great - you all were meant to be a family! Enjoy every minute with your boys! If you have any questions about Tallinn, please let us know.

Best WIshes,
(mom to Brett and Michael)

Carla said...

Viola I am SO happy you guy's. Love the picture. Enjoy the boy's and Tallinn.

Shea said...

Congratulations Viola! I am so happy for you!!!

Christine said...

Wooo-hoo! COngrats!

Alice said...

What a wonderful family! I love the picture of the boys at the window!! I can't wait to meet you all, in person!

Charlotte said...

I love the new picture of them together, the snow is so pretty in the background !

I am so so excited they are your sons now !

Now the real fun begins !

Keep blogging and send more pics !

Charlotte and crew

melonie thompson said...

Im so excited for the 5 of you....
I mailed you the box of stuff. Hope to see more photos soon.
Hugs, Melonie

Amanda said...

CONGRATS! How wonderful!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila