Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beaurocracy strikes again

We heard from Barbara at the agency a couple of hours ago, she said that our immigration papers had not been sent to the embassy here. We tried to call the US Government office in Louisville, but alas, they are closed on Wednesdays. We ended up speaking to our congressmans office in Ashland and the lady there told us we should not have traveled unless we got a letter from the USCIS. Even when Viola explained to her that we filed the i600 before the Hague ruling, she didnt appear to know what she was talking about. She did say that she would call the government offices and see what she could find out, because the office doesnt close on Wednesday for congress people. We are awaiting her return call to let us know what she finds out. So now we have 2 3 year old sons that we have passports for, and can leave Estonia but we cant bring them home with us. We have an appointment at the US Embassy in Tallinn at 9am tomorrow morning so hopefully we will know more then. As the boys have European union passports, we could always fly to England and stay at my sisters house whilst we get this sorted out, but hopefully there will be a quick fix, and we can fly home as scheduled next Thursday. One problem that could hold things up, is the fact that Monday and Tuesday are official holidays here in Estonia for Independance day.


Alice said...

Oh no, this sounds like a mess! We will pray it gets cleared up quickly.

melonie thompson said...

Please know we are praying for you... God is in the drivers seat and this will be fixed!!!!!!
Will pray for you.
all our love to you all,