Saturday, January 31, 2009

it has been.......

well in 8 days our big journey begins. we leave for estonia to bring home our precious little boys. to be quite honest my nerves are really bad now. i keep thinking what if the judge doesnt like us (mainly me) and these precious little boys dont get to be our sons. what happens then. this whole adoption process has taken 362 days from the sending in application to begin to the courtdate. we packed the gifts for the caregivers tonight . all that is left to pack is steve and my clothes. we wait til the last minute . i got all the exiting documents and anything i thought we might need everything is seperated for each boy. we need prayers , not only for us and the boys but for my mom who isnt feeling well ( if she dont feel better before i leave it could make my trip very stressful) Arly will be home with her and they both have learned to use skype to talk to us while we are gone.


schoolmother said...

I am following links on the RR traveling soon page and reading great stories. I am excited you are getting so close to finally getting your sons.

Charlotte said...

Could you teach me how to use Skype ???

Also tell everyone you know about my fundraising blog ~


Alice said...

Praying for your last minute preparations. I am so excited for you!

melonie thompson said...

Im so happy for you and the boys!!!! Glad you will have them soon. I love the room:)
Have a safe and happy trip!!!!
We are sending you much love and will pray for you.

Shea said...

I am so excited for you!!!