Monday, January 19, 2009

fixin up the room

well today we started cleaning out arly's room and changing the curtins . she has opted to give up her room and get a new bed room . we are going to remodel our 16X24 storage room into two new bedrooms this spring. for now she will move into the spare bedroom. all her pirates off the walls (goodbye johnny depp)and nice cute jungle animals on the walls.


Shea said...

No way Viola. You have had your dossier in since May, right? If they even tried to give me court before you, I would refuse it. Fair is Fair. It is probably even harder on you than us because you have seen the boys. I can only hope and dream of what Oskar is like. You can remember how Markus and Alexander feel. That must be even harder. ~Hugs~ I am praying for a quick court date for you. I promise I won't even feel jealous in the least. I will be praising God right along side of you.

markus&alek4everfamily said...

oh shea trust me when you know all you got is a courtdate . and someone else gets a date the jealous bug tries to creep up.

Charlotte said...


Shea told me on the phone tonight she would give her turn to you if she came up first. She meant it !