Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks for the Snow.

well today we had a snow day from school. so my uncle and myself has worked to finish the boys room. the curtains hung, new electrical outlets, with safety covers, door facing around door and closet, and now there is just one more thing that might get done. Holly is going to come over and paint a Bible verse around the closet door. in 2 weeks we are on our way to the next step in our lives. we cant wait to be able to tell everyone that the boys are Our sons. we already love them more then anyone would think possible since they arent ours legally yet.

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Charlotte said...

Glad you had a snow day, we got ice coming down in Arkansas !

I am hoping it stops, at my job, you don't work on a bad day, you don't get paid, hospital policy ! I need the money and the leave for my preview trip !

Pray it goes away !

Happy Chinese New Year !

Charlotte and crew