Sunday, January 18, 2009

another day and chaos

well im trying to get everything together so we are paper ready when we get the phone call to head off to Tallinn. i still got a few more things to get together . one more trip to frankfort for a few more marriage cetificates. seems i lost two of my copies. i have tons of papers to get notorized but all in all it is worth everything to bring home our little boys. we have the boys things all packed , now we just got to pack our stuff and the gifts we got the care givers and director.we have decided that toys are not what we want to give to the orphanage, instead we went with some more basic things like socks and underclothes. i know when i worked in a youth detention center that the girls and boys loved getting new socks and underwear. they didnt mind what hand-me - down clothes they got but new basics was a great gift to them.we are praying that we hear something this week.

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