Wednesday, March 4, 2009

things are getting better

well the boys had a visit to the upper cervical chiroprater today,(luckily it is my cousin), little markus had one leg an inch longer then the other no wonder he wasnt walking well. his jaws were also not lined up . once he was put in place he laughed and giggled for a good 20 mins. aleks got all quiet after he was adjusted. markus has also been working with holly ( our music friend) and she has been getting him to repeat beats to her. and he is trying to beat box like my nephew


Alice said...

Wow! It sounds like they needed it.

Michelle, Mike, Michael & Brett said...

Wow - that is so great that the boys reponded so well to the chriopracter. I often wodered if that would be good for my boys. I would have to look into it. I love your pictures of the boys - they are so cute and what a difference in being home together.
Best Wishes,
(mom to Brett and Michael)