Thursday, March 26, 2009

been home 4 weeks

well it has been 4 weeks that we been home. the boys are doing really well. markus is changing daily, he is becoming a big boy walking everywhere , but still loves to sit and spin. the funny thing about him is he only talks at night once the lights go out he talks to his baby monitor. ive had to take him everynight to see my mom so he will go to bed easier. she is away this week and that is hard for him to understand. aleks is getting still adjusting to everything. he talks more and sometimes we can even understand him.


melonie thompson said...

Awwwwww, We are so happy for all of you.
God Bless you all,

Charlotte said...

Sounds like they are adjusting well ! My Riley used to do this head shake thing for the longest time, it was the only way he'd go to sleep ! Once he stopped it, he did it for fun ! LOL

Love to see them become the boys they were meant to be ~ yours !

Charlotte and crew

Alice said...

Hey guys! For some reason I couldn't get onto your blog for a few days. When I typed in the address, I would end up at another blog.

Anyway, I'm glad I found you today! It sounds like the boys are doing well! I wish I could Markus' voice. I remember Aleks' sweet little voice-so cute!!