Tuesday, March 31, 2009

random pics and videos i havent had time to post

our newest family photo taken on Markus' birthday

Markus and my mom showing off their birthday cakes

this is markus' very favorite person. he will talk to her .

Aleks and Geoffrey sporting the shades and dress shirts .

Aleks and Spenser playing some ball.

markus still wearing his hat and showing off his shades , uncle D got him. his little dirty face was to cute.

markus riding on his zebra , he really loves to just sit and spin on the zebra

one night aleks went to watch tv with spenser and this is how i found them watching tv. i guess they were both wore out from a busy sunday .


aleks really enjoyed this new toy , he told daddy to stay off his rug he had just cleaned it.

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Alice said...

I love that toy vacuum. Aleks was so focused. It was fun to watch him. I can't wait to show Dan the pictures of the boys in their dress shirts and shades.