Thursday, September 4, 2008

September is here and no court date :(

well september is here and draggin along. it is looking more like we might come home with two little boys instead of one. we have decided if we do adopt another little boy he will have my fathers name as his middle name . everyeon is wanting to know for sure if we are getting two because our toddler shower is next saturday and they want to know if they can buy for two little boys . my sisters is excited about it . she thinks since they are only 8 months apart they need to dress alike.


Alice said...

Do you have another little boy picked out? Have you talked to Barbara or Diana yet? How long have you been waiting for your court date? I thought it took at least 4 months. I'd love to hear about the other little guy!

markus4everfamily said...

alice , i havent mentioned his name yet becuase we are waiting on the details if we can adopt him or not with markus. we sent our dossier off in may so we know it will still be a little while. and now we wait for them to decide if we can use one dossier for both boys and one courtdate.