Wednesday, September 24, 2008

two months

well it has been 2 months since we left young markus in the orphanage with alex. now steve is really impatient and i have tried to be a ready. my mother and i have packed the boys suitcase. also we put together two little backpacks filled with goodies for our time in the offices and on the trip home. our church is in revival this week so that takes up some of the time .we also found that the boys are both a little sick due to the weather changing over there so quickly. we continue to pray regularly that God make the way for us to bring home our to precious little sons.


Alice said...

Wow, I sure can relate to the waiting! I did get good news today. It seems we may be doing our preview much sooner than we thought! I'll pray the waiting is bearable for you and for us.:)

markus&alex4everfamily said...

alice , thats great news. after our preview trip the waiting became entirely different. i know we wasnt with young markus long but we did connect and now we miss him like crazy. kinda silly i know. we continue to pray for you and your family as well