Thursday, August 28, 2008

we got news about Markus

we recieved an email telling us that our little boy has started therapy and he is doing very good at it. he has become more emotional and laughs alot more now . plus he is starting to stand on his own and take a few steps . this was very good news to us but steve is a little sad because he wanted to help markus learn to walk . also i found out that we might be able to get another little boy we had wanted but others were interested in him. so we shall pray about this situation and see how we are lead to handle it.i have been busy the last couple days getting markus' clothes ready for the trip to bring him home. i want to be ready when we get our courtdate. also my sister and some friends are throwing us a toddler shower in a week or so . so the reality of having our soon to be son home is more real then ever.


Amanda said...

I'm glad to hear Markus is doing well! In the matter of the second child, I pray God clearly shows you the way and that you have no doubt in your mind.

A toddler shower! That sounds great! My sister plans on doing the same for us when we get to that point. I hope the party goes well!

Charlotte said...

Sounds like things are moving along ! If you want another one, talk to them fast about it !

Please pray I have some good news as we approach September in 3 more days !

Viola, I never see a picture of you and Markus !

Charlotte and crew

markus4everfamily said...

i am actually going to call barbara on tuesday and see if we can adopt both boys at one time. and charlotte there is not many pictures of me with markus due to me having the camera and steve not knowing how to use it .

Lou said...

Sounds like Markus is doing fantastic!! I hope you get your pick up date soon!