Saturday, December 20, 2008

almost christmas

well today is the sunday before christmas .which means 2008 is almost gone and hopefully we will have an exciting 2009 with our young sons home. we continue to pray for Mike (brother in law) he is still in ICU and last night things didnt look to good for him , but the power of pray seems to have helped some and they got him stable again. Thank GOD for his awesome healing power. everyone keeps asking me if we heard any news on the boys yet. it is heartbreaking to have to say no to them . we havent heard if the package has arrived in estonia yet but we pray they receive it before christmas.


Shea said...

We just have to get through Christmas and this will all be a distant memory. I am having suck a hard time this year. I have not even put up half of my xmas decorations. Next year will be just great with our boys home.

Alice said...

Hang in there!