Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a little new news

ok it has been a while since i blogged. but i been so busy with remodeling my mom's room , getting ready for steve's hip replacement . hopefully things will slow down after the next few weeks. aleks is doing really good , markus is doing well, he has several appointments next month. we go for his cleft palate and then the feeding clinic. aleks has grown about 3 inches since we came home in feb. and poor littel markus hasnt grown but maybe an inch..we are so thankful that we have our two sons home with us.


Shea said...

It sounds like both boys are doing well. Markus is slower, but he will get there. Poor buddy has a lot to contend with, but he looks so very sweet. I imagine Aleks is a lot like O and very busy lol.

Alice said...

I can't get over the changes in Markus! I know it isn't as obvious as with Aleks, but I think he looks great! The tiny little guy I met in Feb. couldn't walk, couldn't drink from a straw, and wouldn't eat much. He has learned so much!! He looks much healthier, too. He has good color, and his face looks fuller. I love his glasses.