Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy 18th birthday Arly

well today was Arly's 18th birthday , we awoke to her mother pounding on our door. She was here with her mother in law to get arly ,not to see arly , but to get her. they assumed since Arly is now 18 that she was coming to live with her mother. i really felt bad for arly due to her mother telling her that my two sweet little boys are not her brothers. this broke her heart. and all this was before church this morning. Arly did however get herself back together and sang a solo in our 4th of july choir program today.


Shea said...

I am so very sorry for what her mother said and did. She is fortunate to be with you where she is loved and wanted.

Carla said...

I am sorry that Arly's Happy day got off to a not so good start. Hope all is better now. :)

Alice said...

Bummer. I hope Arly ended up having a good day.