Thursday, April 16, 2009

doctor visit...

well we made our trip to the international adoption clinic at UK medical clinic yesterday . we have lots on intense OT,PT and Speech therapy ahead for us. plus we have a few medical issues that will require some operations, but over all the boys are doing ok.Markus has to have extra calories with every meal to help him gain some weight. doctor was concerned with his FTT. we actually go back in 3 months for markus and then six months with both . looks like i wont be returning to work this school year. the boys need mommy to be home with them. markus was officially weighed in at 18 pounds , and 34 inches tall. while aleks weighs in at 28 pounds and 36 inches tall. they both need prayers and lots of love.

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melonie thompson said...

Awwww, Hope they start to grow big soon. Sasha & Nhikko were very small when they came home but soon they put the weight on.
We will pray for all of you,
Hugs, Melonie